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Ageing Period / Season

In Retail practices, the age of the stock is often a concern area, more so for fashion items whose age is required to be maintained on the basis of season. GINESYS offers a flexible mechanism to manage stock age and easily segregate stocks of different age buckets.

To maintain stock age, you need to define the ageing periods (intervals) in Season Master. An Ageing Period is a named date range. The age of an Item is determined by the Ageing Period within which the item creation date is falling. Now, once that Ageing Period expires and a new Ageing Period starts, while creating an item GINESYS will create a new Barcode even if the rest of the parameters are same as an existing item in the expired Ageing Period. Ageing Period expiry is based on current system date.

Barcode Scan

You can Scan a Barcode and/or Type the Barcode in the field provided if you know the exact one. You can browse for a text file by clicking on the browse button on the right side having a list of Barcodes to split which can be processed all together.


  1. Every Line in Notepad should contain 1 Barcode only.
  2. If the quantity of a Barcode is more than 1, then, that number of lines should have that Barcode. For Example: If G1001 is of 3 Quantity, then you should place G1001 in 3 lines in the text file.

Entry Date

The Login Date (Connect Date) is populated here by default. However, you can enter some other date provided the date is in the current Accounting Period and is in Open state.

Entry No.
  1. Creation: This is an auto-generated number which gets generates on saving any entry.
  2. Modification: If you want to modify any entry, you can select the entry no. from the lookup available by clicing on the lookup button present on the right side of the field or by pressing the Enter Key if cursor is on the button.

Entry Remarks

Entry Remarks is Document level remarks and is for reference/printing purpose only.

  • None